Who we are

We're a marketing company second, and small business owners first. We understand not only the frustration of having to shoulder the weight of a company yourself, but also the passion that goes into each and every project. At Auburn Branding, we walk alongside business owners to craft custom digital strategies that don't create roadblocks -- we create strategies that fuel your passion projects.

How we work.

1 We love small business owners and entreprenuers. There isn't a one size fits all strategy for every business out there, because every small business and entrepreneur has their own unique problems that need to be solved. We find out about your craft, get to know you and your business, who you serve, and how they can be served better online.

2 We get into the dirty work online -- crafting a digital strategy that works for your business, one that converts prospects into customers. We work tirelessly to create your strategy, and work closely with you to implement it online. Results aren't always quick online, so we're right by your side until you start seeing results.

3 We're not another hands-off marketing company. We're here to serve you, and show you data-driven results. Business is about service, and that is one of our core goals when working with companies and products that owners and entrepreneurs have poured their heart and soul into.